Our corporate structure allows us to more efficiently deliver our products and services to our valued customers while better reflecting our overall capabilities in the marketplace as we continue to rapidly grow.



Established in 1889 by John W. Philpott, The Philpott Rubber Co. began as a rubber hose and belting supply house. Since that time, the company has evolved into a supplier of a diverse range of products to a variety of customers and industries. As we continue to grow, leadership made several changes to reorganize its corporate structure to better match our market demands and to keep its brand identification consistent with current and emerging markets. Philpott Solutions Group is now the parent company to Philpott Rubber, Philpott Plastics and Philpott Energy & Transportation.



1889 - John W. Philpott opens The Philpott Rubber Company at 1408 West Third Street. He operated the business with the aid of a bookkeeper until 1909.

1928 - John W. Philpott passes away (age 73) and Blake T. Cooper (John Philpott’s son-in-law) becomes president.

1953 - The Philpott Rubber Company moved into a newly built building with offices and warehouse at 2077 E. 30th Street.

1956 Blake Cooper’s term as president ends, and Thomas W. Ellison (Blake Cooper’s son-in-law) becomes president.

1977 - ESOP was formally established.

1981 - Thomas W. Ellison’s term as president ends, and Jerry J. Vaughn becomes the fourth president.

1991 - Moved to 1010 Industrial Parkway in Brunswick (current headquarters).

1997 - The Philpott Rubber Company becomes ISO 9000 certified.

1997 - Jerry J. Vaughn’s term as president ends, and Joseph G. Kuzma becomes the  fifth president.

2009 - Joseph G. Kuzma’s term as president ends, and Michael K. Baach becomes the sixth president.

2012 - Jan. 17, 2012, Philpott Energy & Transportation Co. LLC established.

2012 - Feb. 3, 2012, Philpott Industrial Plastics Enterprises Ltd., established.

2014 - Aug. 8, 2014, 125th anniversary celebration.

2015 - Philpott Solutions Group Inc. established.