Michael K. Baach, President and CEO

Mike has been with Philpott for more than nine years. He joined Philpott after a nearly 30-year career, which included the founding and growing of a company that became a global leader in corrosion prevention. His experience has been gained from a wide array of industries including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Transportation and Infrastructure and the Department of Defense. Through Mike’s leadership, Philpott has reinforced the need to exceed existing valued customers’ expectations, while guiding Philpott’s diversification into numerous new markets and product lines, contributing significantly to the company’s recent rapid growth. Mike remains personally involved with the company’s customers and vendors to forge strong partnerships that enable open and honest communication. He uses his drive and passion to bring value to the customers of Philpott as a guiding light to the company’s future strategic objectives.

“Philpott’s prosperity is directly dependent on the success of our customers.  By concentrating our actions on those that contribute to customers’ financial growth, so, too, will Philpott grow.”


Greg Stafford, Vice President Technology & Business Development

Greg’s 24 years with Philpott began soon after he graduated from college. Through the years, he has worked in nearly every capacity and facet of the company’s business. His depth of knowledge in polymers and manufacturing positions Greg as the technical leader of the company. He has a drive and passion for quality and integrity, which are a built upon the foundation of the long and prosperous history of the company. He wrote and now continues to lead all of the company’s quality processes that keep Philpott in the upper echelon of product quality. Greg is an innovator who constantly strives to seek input from employees, customers and vendors to drive continuous improvement in all aspects of Philpott’s manufacturing operations and partnerships.

“The success of any organization begins with its people. Therefore, Philpott will continue to build an organization consisting of people with a high moral compass, a strong work ethic and a belief in something greater than themselves.”


Russ Schabel, Chief Financial Officer

Russ brings a wealth of experience in corporate governance to lead the Accounting and Finance team at Philpott. He has been with Philpott for nearly 20 years and is involved in all fiscal aspects of the company’s operations. After receiving his formal degree in business administration and accounting, he spent 11 years in financial consulting with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. Russ joined Philpott as its controller and was subsequently promoted to Treasurer then Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, he leads the accounting team on a process of continued improvement that supports the growth of the company while ensuring compliance with general accounting standards. Russ possesses a dedication and work ethic that support Philpott’s operations and sales teams' ability to execute at the highest levels of customer service and involvement.

“The Finance Department will continue to transform itself into a productive partner that understands and supports the strategic objectives of the company. This is facilitated by Philpott’s culture, which calls for Finance Department involvement and understanding of customer needs through regular interaction.”


David Ferrell, Vice President Corporate Supply Chain

David is the newest member of Philpott’s executive team, bringing a significant depth of knowledge to the Supply Chain function. His background of more than 12 years includes operations with plastics, metal, machined and fabricated products. David is also experienced in international operations, which has served to improve Philpott’s relationships with its global partners in key markets. His experiences are wide ranging and represent multi-national companies whose products were at the highest levels of quality, value innovation in their respective industries. David is committed to ensuring that Philpott products continue as industry leaders in all of the markets the company serves. He believes that supply-based partnerships are built on the foundations of value, quality and efficiency, which allow all stakeholders to profit and prosper.

“It's Philpott’s focus to provide creative solutions that can help position our customers for growth within their industries, which in turn can support the growth of Philpott.”