We are proud to present an education program at FABTECH 2016: Dynamic Working Capital Preservation: Transforming Coil Storage Warehousing from Square-Feet into Cubic Feet

Our education program and paper demonstrates that through proper use of working capital, operators can improve the safety in their coil storage facilities, greatly improve housekeeping, increase the volume of stored coils by 30% to 70% of that being stored in the current footprint, save substantial capital investments by avoiding construction of new warehouse space and free up additional cash for purchase of steel.

Through the implementation of a well-planned coil storage system that employs highly-engineered, polymeric coil storage systems, operators can accomplish all of this and gain a significant return-on-investment in a short period of time.

The life cycle cost comparisons shown in our education program and paper were established by inputting variables, specific to the case study facility. This tool can be found below and allows operators to approximate and compare costs of the options to expand its warehouse or upgrade the current facility from square foot to cubic footage of storage